Botanic School of Nail Technology (BSNT) prides itself of its intense hands-on training program and interactive lectures that are discussion based to engage students. Other distinct features of BSNT compared to others schools are:


In order to provide quality education we have instructors that specialize in different areas to make sure you perform your best by learning from the best. Some has more than 15 years years of teaching experience and salon experience.


Our lecture room is very spacious and decorated to allow students to concentrate and be in zen mode especially during finals. Our clinic room has been described as classy, sleek, modern and very spa-like. Overall environment when you walk in screams: sophistication, ‘we don’t play’, ORGANIZED and CLEAN CLEAN... SQUEAKY CLEAN


We communicate directly with high end professional brands, quality generic brands, and local distributors. Students will have an extensive product list to familiarize with at a discounted price during their time enrolled in school.



Small; 1:8 = teacher: student ratio

Allows intimate, detailed learning


After learning logistics of basic techniques we require our students to apply it immediately. Our clients which are combination of students' family, friends, and public are required to critique work with all honesty.  Our ability to provide real live, high volume salon-like simulation featuring the dynamic of customer interaction helps students perform basic services confidently and meticulously over time.


98% of our registered graduates have passed the state board’s exam since the opening of our school. TRUTH. Enough Said Here. 


We specialize in working with ESL students. Language is not a barrier for us. As long as we share the passion there is a way to communicate.


Here at BSNT, we provide guidance to our students from beginning to end. We provide all the learning materials, supplies, and technology tools they will need to graduate and succeed—not only in passing the state exam but also teaching them the standards most salons require or look for in a nail technician. All they need is consistency and determination and all that rigorous hard work they put in will pay off!
— Botanic Nail School

Nothing is impossible; the word itself says, “I’m Possible”
— Audrey Hepburn