What is the current tuition, class schedule, and deadlines?

The current cost for the course is $3,200.
The program will take APPROXIMATELY 16 weeks to complete with the current schedule offered which is:
TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY,SATURDAY (daytime or evening)

Daytime Class is from 10am-5pm (tues/wed/sat)
Prospective Evening Class is from 4pm-9pm (tues/wed) PLUS SAT from 10am-5pm

Who needs a nail license?+

Anyone to wants to perform beauty, care, or maintenance on the hands or feet for profit whether at a spa/salon, mobile spa, or even IN-HOME must have a license issued and maintained active by the state of Illinois. Failing to do so may be subject to presecution by the IL Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). At Botanic, we have a 98% passing rate, making us the highest ranking school in chicago.

What is needed to become a nail technician in IL?+

You need to successfully complete a 350-hr program at an accredited nail technology school, such as ours, licensed by the state. Upon completion of the program, you must apply and pass the IL state board nail technician examination. Your nail technician license needs maintenance by renewal with the state every even year.

I’ve decided this school may be the best that fit my needs, what should I do now?+

We require that all prospective students visit our school prior to enrolling so we can give you a tour, have you meet our instructors, answer more questions or discuss changes in our course not yet updated on our website before enrolling. You can do so swiftly by calling us at (773) 728-0786. Or go to our contact page and apply via online and a school representative will call you at our earliest convenience.

When do classes begin?+

Classes begin per seasonal semester (please call the school to get exact date). However, we have the right to close enrollment to a class if the maximum number of 8 students have been reached (to keep quality and attentive teaching) or postpone a class start date if a minimum of 4 students have not been reached.

What products does your school use?+

We use brand names such as OPI, CND (shellac), GELISH, ESSIE, ENTITY and much more. We really educate our students on the composition, usage, specialty, and proper techniques of each brand. But we certainy will NOT compare nor favor one over another (that is something a student has to learn and determine for themself). We also break myths of generic brands that really are qualitative and include some really awesome products in their kits.


Is there financial aid available?+

Unfortunately, the nail technology program does not the meet the minimum hours required to get financial assistance by IL state. Thus, NO NAIL TECHNOLOGY programs/schools ANYWHERE in IL have financial aid assistance. Because of this, Botanic has a payment plan option available. The good thing about this is that you finish much quicker than other beauty programs that might take up to a year before they are licensed. With the intensive program at our school, you finish in a quick average 3-4 months thus be on your way to work and make money faster compared to other beauty programs.

Do I have to pay all at once?+

It is optional to pay off your tuition full at the beginning of the course. But we do offer a payment plan option at our school as well. Please call the school to find the current basic payment plan.

Is job assistance available?+

We have a number of graduates who have become salon owners who welcome recent botanic graduates to join the salon or spa. We have a number of hiring requests calling in daily making a job post. After educating our students on different salon/spa type, environment, culture and pay, we highly encourage our graduates to actively seek employment by oneself first. Those who actively meet employers by their particular salon likes are more happy with match than accessing our database by random choosing.

What are the requirements to attend BSNT?+

In order to enroll, you must be at least the age of 16 with proper, non-expired identification issued by the government such as a driver's license, state id, or passport. Upon registration, you must agree to a written statement of financial obligations. Lastly, you must mentally agree to have patience, commitment, passion, and respect for yourself and your school mates throughout the whole program course.

Where do I park?+

No need to worry about the frustration of parallel parking in the city or those hefty city parking meters. We have a large private parking lot right on the northwest intersection of Lincoln Ave and Catalpa Ave for our students.

I already have a COSMETOLOGY IL license, but would like to have more hands-on training in nails, what are my options?

We have a lot of cosmetologists and nail technicians call in unhappy with their previous schooling when it came to nail training. They felt their learning in nail technology was very minimal. No worries! We have a lot of cases like that and welcome you to our rigorous hands-on program too! If already licensed as a cosmetologist (and license is active), it will be your personal decision whether or not you’d like to to take the IL nail technician exam as an additional license but it is not necessary.

Inquiry in transferring from another state: Transfer from out of state

EACH STATE IS DIFFERENT IN THE RULES, REQUIREMENTS, AND PROCESS OF TRANSFERRING LICENSE: licensed individual is responsible in doing their own research and contacting the state of jurisdiction and state of prospective transfer. Schools are not responsible for this.

General nail technician/manicurist transfer information for IL: For those who are licensed in another state and wish to be licensed in Illinois, you must retake theory examination in IL which will cost $185 per. Further documentation and requirements may be needed by the state, you must contact IDFPR. Please visit idfpr.com or call them for the most accurate procedure on what is required from you prior to applying for the exam. Please have ready to tell them how many hours you completed in your state, provide proof of schooling and work experience.