At Botanic Nail School, you will attain valuable knowledge needed to begin your career in nail care. Our intensive nail program and experienced instructors are committed to providing you the foundation and proper techniques practiced in the field today.

The 350 hour course consists of 3 phases that leads to a knowledgeable nail technician and creative artists. You will graduate with confidence knowing you are ready to work in a salon. We at Botanic, we believe learning, understanding, applying, and mastering basic techniques is the difference between amateurs and professionals. With this day and age, anyone can watch a video and copy a nail design but to create an extensive, growing list of returning clients for your unique work takes much more than that. To achieve this we believe you need to master each level with perfection, speed, and diligence.

Phase 1 - Learn the basics of Natural Nail care services

Theory is combined with clinic. You will study nail physiology, general analysis, nail techniques and more throughout the whole program. In clinic, you will practice a variety of techniques on a mannequin hand trainer and classmates. This includes learning how to properly file a nail, various nail polishing techniques, how to nip cuticle, and perform or develop a basic massage procedure. 

Clinic time is the platform to your success in this industry. The beauty industry is more competitive than it's ever been. There will always be an instructor during clinic time to help you. Focus on getting as much practice as possible. We have clients that will be your live hand model, critique, and give you their honest opinion about your work. But you will also be required to start building your clientele base whilst in school by inviting your friends and family to be your client model. This will help you learn to create relationships because in our industry, nothing beats “loyal clients.”

Phase 2 - Learn Artificial Enhancements: Acrylics and Gels

Once the instructors feel confident with your natural nail service performance, the course progresses onto artificial nail enhancements such as acrylic and hard gel application. At our school, we teach you how to safely file manually by hand but also offer how to use an electric nail drill. 

Phase 3 - Perfect Your Technique and Make Us Proud

With each class session you will continue to try different techniques to beautify your clients hands, find the technique that is best for you, and perfect your skill as the time is getting closer to graduation. We will be doing more lectures to prepare you for the state exam and have intimate discussions on real world expectations after you graduate.